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Consignment Sales

Selling a classic car can be a difficult decision and a challenging process.  Over the years we have been trusted by many of our clients to handle the sale of their classic car.  Our consignment process is simple and transparent, and hassle-free for the owner.  We will handle the expert presentation of your car for sale, with professional photography and driving videos, and we will work directly with potential buyers.  No more unreliable "tire-kickers" bothering you at home and wasting your time.  We will detail your car for presentation, and we can provide service to the car as needed in order to maximize return upon sale.  We are a well known and highly-regarded seller (@sierra_classic_sportscar) on the global auction site Bring a Trailer, and our auction management skills bring consistently strong results.  More and more classic cars are being purchased by remote buyers, who gain confidence in dealing with us as intermediaries in a transaction.  Please contact us for additional details on our consignment program and how we can help you obtain maximum value upon the sale of your classic car. 

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